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Prof. Alon Klement writes on various subjects in the fields of Civil Procedure, Law and Economics and Law and Social Norms. He specializes in Class Actions, on which he has published most of his articles. He teaches at the Radzyner School of Law, in the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Among the courses he gives are Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, Conflict System Design and Law and Economics. In recent years he has visited and taught at Columbia University and Boston University in the U.S., and at the University of Bologna, in Italy.

Prof. Klement has published in leading law reviews and peer reviewed journals, both in the U.S. and in Israel, and his articles were cited by  the Supreme Court of Israel as well as numerous Appellate Courts' decisions. His publications in English include Internationl Review of Law and Economics, Journal of Law Economics and Organization, California Law Review, Journal of Legal Studies, Stanford Law Review and DePaul Law Review.

Prof. Klement earned his LLB in Law and BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University. After practicing law for several years in a private law firm in Israel  he went to Harvard where he earned his SJD degree.  He was a fellow at the Harvard Program on Negotiation and has taught at the Harvard college and at the Law school's graduate program.

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Telefax: 972-9-9527382

Cell: 972-545540106


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