Computing Systems Discovered / Nisan & Schocken / Spring 2002

The Book

Disclaimer: the text in the book is one revision cycle behind other documents posted in this site. Therefore, in any point of inconsistency, you should follow the instructions mentioned in the other documents.

Chapter Lecture date
Preface: book and course overview (61K) March 5
Chapter 1: The Binary system and Boolean algebra (63K) March 5
Chapter 2: Building blocks (70K) March 5
Chapter 3: Combinational logic (77K) March 5
Chapter 4: Sequential logic (65K) March 12
Chapter 5: Computer architecture (40K) April 9
Chapter 6: Machine and assembly language (73K) March 19  
Chapter 7: The virtual machine  (103K) April 23
Chapter 8: The high-level language (44K) May 7
Chapter 9: The compiler (40K) May 14
Chapter 10: The operating system (29K) June 4

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